Top 3 songs for Savasana and the mystery of this posture

After sweating in Utkatasana, bending in Urdhva Dhanurana and flying in Bakasana it’s time for Savasana, the pose that is loved by some and hated by others.

Relaxation is art. For some it comes naturally, for others is almost impossible to let go of control and just be. In the context of yoga, relaxation is a process of getting to know every part of what we are. It means becoming the observer of our body, thoughts, emotions and other deeper states of the Self. If or when we achieve to relax our mind patterns, our body will follow automatically. 

In yoga practice, the last and the most difficult posture is Savasana or crop pose. This asana, if practiced correctly, brings us to a state of absolute relaxation. And ironically this posture isn’t a passive relaxation such as sleeping, as many of us hoped for, but an active, usually 2 phased process of letting go. First our physical body, then our breath and other more subtle levels. 

The goal of Savasana is Pratyahara, withdrawal of the senses, a state of complete inaction. 

To achieve deep relaxation in Savasana is not easy, we all know that. To surrender and turn off our minds, might be the ultimate most difficult thing to do. There are definitely some things that can help us prepare for this inner journey, such as a good asana practice and some sweet pranayama exercises. 

But there is also music, oh, such a powerful tool! Sattvic music can help us control our monkey mind and bring us closer to a state of relaxation. So that is why we want to share with you the top 3 songs for Savasana that helped us and our students on their Savasana journey.

1- Craig Pruess and Ananda – Maa Amba


2- Krishna Daas – Beautiful Song


3- Sudha & Maneesh de Moor- Twamewa


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