Living your Dharma: the way to complete freedom

For a really long time, I was trying to figure out what would be the ultimate value that sums up all the other values and small appreciations I truly care about. What is that universal aim I am striving for with all my being? My final answer would be: freedom. Being free from all the fears, doubts and self-destructive thoughts and becoming completely nonresistant is the ultimate state of being that leads to liberation. It leads to finding and living your dharma.

What is dharma

Dharma, translated as the “cosmic law and order”, is a unique universal plan for each individual. My dharma is different than yours and there is only one way to truly understand it: our dharmic path is guided by our emotions. When we feel inspired, loved and optimistic it means that we’re living according to our dharma and manifesting just the right things to follow our journey. When on the other hand we feel “negative” emotions such as anger, envy, jealousy or dissatisfaction, we are moving away from our universal truth.

Your emotions are your guidance

We spend most of the time worried about our future. We fear and we doubt without knowing that by doing so, we are actually distancing from the perfect plan that has been created for us long before we came here. The inner guidance of our emotions is much more meaningful than we could possibly imagine. Our emotions are the connection to our non-physical realm that is constantly communicating with us. When we feel inspired, the message is: keep on going. When we feel fear, the message is: you’re losing the ground. Now, think about this: how much time do you spend in tension, feeling fearful about what is going to happen? About how your future will look like? About what will others think of your doing? The thing is: dharma is everything else but fear. It is love in its pure manifestation, and only when we feel completely free we know we’ve found our dharma. All the doubts will disappear and there will be only one thing left: a complete liberation.

Each person’s dharma is unique and comes from the place of pure love and faith. When we feel inclined toward something, whether it’s an action or a person, that’s a very clear message that comes not from our mind, but form our non-physical self. It means that this particular person that you’re about to meet, or this particular action you’re going to take is part of your dharmic (cosmic, universal) path.

Living your dharma means being completely fearless

Finding our dharma means that we’ve found our passion and made it bigger than ourselves. We all know deep inside what we desire, but many of us don’t even dare to think about it without feeling defeated. We imagine our lives being perfect in all the ways, but at the same time, we don’t believe we deserve it. There is always a big BUT after thinking about what we’d love our life to look like. I’d like to travel, BUT. I’d like to have a better job, BUT. I’d like to learn this skill, BUT. I’d like to start my own business, BUT. All those “I’d like to” are part of our universal plan. All those “BUTs” come from our mind trying to prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone and live the perfect version of our lives. Surrounded by fear and doubts, we keep on forgetting that when something feels right, it IS right.

So make sure you do it now, not tomorrow. Make sure you start believing that everything is possible as long as you act out of love. We all have our own dharma. Go find it, live it, it is your responsibility to find your purpose and share it with the world.


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