with Ambra Vallo


February 21 – 23

Ljubljana, Slovenia

What we do?

This platform is a place in space for everyone who is seeking for a little bit more light in their lives, a little bit more love on their journey and a whole lot of yoga on the way. We connect yoga teachers and yoga students from around the world and organize unforgettable yoga experiences. Sometimes it’s all about a short but sweet weekend yoga workshop, while other times it’s an intensive immersion in the practice and the philosophy of yoga during a longer yoga retreat. No matter whether you’re a teacher or a practitioner, we’ve got your back! If you’re a student wanting to practice with your favorite yoga teacher, or a teacher looking for someone to organize an unforgettable yoga retreat for you, this is the place to be.

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InstaYoga: Inspiration or frustration?

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About Us

We are two unordinary human beings who love to spend most of our time holding padmasana, whether it’s on our yoga mat or in the office. Marketing is our profession and yoga is our passion. The Universe connected us through the ever growing digital world and after a little while, the Full Moon put its intentions in manifestation when we finally met in person. We found out right away that it is no coincidence that we have so many things in common: two yogis who both spent several years living in Spain; two creative writers who love to collect words and make them speak to the readers; two humans sharing the same vision of turning their passion into a meaningful profession. And so the journey begun, on a Full Moon over a glass of wine and many wild ideas to follow …


Rea Novak

Dedicated yoga practitioner. Fearless creator. Daydreamer. Forever a traveler.


Eva Gradišnik

Headstanding Storyteller. Creative Yogini. Freeflowing wanderer. Hopeless dreamer.

Yoga workshop with Ambra Vallo

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Who is Rea?

If I had to use only one word to describe myself, I would say “adventurer”. This is something that can clearly be seen from my passion for traveling. At the age of 21, I ventured myself into leaving my home country to live in Spain for 6 years. Then, I ventured myself into traveling the world for 2 years and explored the most amazing countries on Earth. Now, I am venturing myself into creating the life I love including yoga, traveling and creative writing right from where I belong: Slovenia.

I work as a freelance creative writer and social media marketer, using these skills as a base to develop projects I truly love being part of. Being an adventurer means being creative in the first place, no matter what part of the world you are at.

I developed the passion for movement at an early age. From dancing to yoga to climbing and many injuries along the way, I finally met Ashtanga yoga at the beginning of 2015 when I was traveling through India. I came across yoga before but used it more like a physical exercise to feed my ego instead of something to grow with. Soon after that, I paid my dues with injuries and had to quit with the practice for several years. I got back on track when I discovered Ashtanga and it’s been quite a journey since then. I now practice Ashtanga yoga regularly with my teachers Anja Nikolov and Luigi Moreno, a long time students of Lino Miele. Different stages of the practice brought different reactions and emotions, but all of them have something in common: they made me more aware.

Today, I strive for a better me. With the knowledge I’ve gained and the experience I’ve lived, the only real goal left is to become a better person for myself, for the people surrounding me and for the world.

Who is Eva?

Today I am a super excited sunshine lover, flying around and joyfully sweating my asana practice.
Tomorrow I am an introverted moon child, craving solitude and quietly diving into my meditation practice.
Today I drink wine and write about all the palm trees in Valencia.
Tomorrow I wrap myself in a blanket and write about the sound of snow in Slovenia.

Everything in my life is in constant motion – flowing, moving, evolving.

Today I teach. Tomorrow I’m taught.

I’ve started practicing yoga 7 years ago when I moved to Spain. Looking back today, I can surely say that right away I knew it’s gonna be a lifelong relationship. Going to Ashtanga Vinyasa studio to practice with my teacher, Cosmin Iancu, felt like coming home to myself. In that period I also attended several workshops and training with Manju Jois, Kristina Karitinou and others.
Only after a few very physically intense years of sweat, injuries and ego boost, a desire to step away from asanas and go deeper into pranayamas, yamas and meditations came naturally. Strangely that coincided with me moving back to Slovenia and starting my 200h teacher training with Robert Hönn in 2018. 
Today being a student and a teacher at the same time allows me to express my Yin and Yang nature. And as crazy in love as I still am with asana and other body movement practices, I just as deeply love and admire all of what asana can’t see.

Today I create. Tomorrow I’m created.

I’ve been telling stories since I remember. People who know me well would say that my imagination is out of control and that they are never sure whether the stuff I tell is totally true for everyone. Well, of course, it’s not – how could anything be true for everyone?

My master’s degree in Marketing allows me to adjust my stories for different realities and pass them on in a way everyone gets to understand them. As I like to live my freedom, I currently work as a free-flowing copywriter and conceptual thinker. There are days that I create as many as 6 impossible stories before breakfast (just like Alice does) and there are days that my stories create me.


We have at least 108 reasons to talk. Let’s do it!